Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hooray For Hollywood!!!

I'm actually writing this post from home, where I find myself temporarily.
But I did want to update and share some pix and explain the last few weeks.

From Washington state I spent a couple of days in Los Angeles before heading home. There are many more images posted on the Facebook page for those who want to see them.
Holywood was fun and I want to go back. Shallow touristy stuff sure, but fun.
When I first arrived I thought I could avoid a tour of stars homes and just buy a map. After a half-hour drive to see Steven Spielberg's, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's, and Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy's GATES, I plunked down the $$$.
Take the Star Tours open top van in front of the Chinese Movie House on Hollywood Blvd. The guide was amazingly informed, hilarious, and knew that while some were driving on the street gawking at famous gates, he was one street over explaining the much more visible backside of the house. Highly recommend this tour, lots of fun.
While in L.A. I had 'thechnical difficulties'. My cell phone stopped working, then my laptop refused to go to certain pages. While attempting to diagnose this I must have done something right. For the repair guys! Because now it will not display ANY pages! NONE!
But I will be posting more updates and filling you in on future plans so come back her, subscribe, visit Facebook for the photo albums.


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