Monday, June 8, 2009

Alan Around The World Invitations, Facebook, Twitter, Feedburner

I'm not Lance Armstrong and have no killer mileage or distance bicycling goals for my around-the-world trip. The real goal is to see as much as possible and to meet as many people as I can. I want to live more like the locals live, to have some adventures, and experience the world on a personal basis, as a traveler, not a tourist.

Alan Has Been Offered A Night's Lodging In An Ever Growing Variety Of Locations. Click Here To See The Current Map!
One of the ways I hoped to make this possible
was to start the blog and a Facebook page and it seems to be working great. I don't leave for a while still and already I have had almost 200 people join me as a friend on Facebook. Almost thirty of these friends have offered everyting from lunch to a place to pitch my tent to a place to stay and shower. Locations range from nearby cities in Texas to Alaska, from Germany to The Maldives Islands, from Turkey to Shanghai, China.

Check out the ever changing Invitations Map to see where I have been offered a place to stay.

Visit my Facebook or Twitter accounts and sign up to stay in touch.

Use Feedburner to get e-mail updates when I post.

E-mail me at to stay in touch.

Several folks have also been kind enough to donate some funds to enable the trip a bit. For the first three I thought it would be fun to name my three water bottles after the donors and track them around the world! Might be fun to see if they make it all the way or end up with a bad leak in Italy...
If you have any questions, advice, invitations or ideas let me know.
I also think when the new bike gets here I will name it. Send any name suggestions to me and I might just put together a small poll to choose the name for the soon to be worldy bicycle.
Looking forward to meeting you out on the road!
Alan Mizell

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mattbach June 9, 2009 at 9:15 AM  

Hope you can make it to Flint, Michigan, someday. We'd love to have you.

Matt Bach
public relations manager
Flint Area Convention and Visitors Bureau
(810) 232-3288

Alan June 11, 2009 at 1:17 AM  

Your city must be a friendly place as I have had 2 invites already. If I don't make it heading north and out of the US upon my return I shall be sure to come to Michigan. I have added you to my e-mail and the invites map on the blog. Thanks again, and hope in the not-to-distant future you can personally guide me to the best your area has to offer!
Alan Mizell

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