Sunday, September 6, 2009

If It's Friday This Must Be Crater Lake

Crater Lake in Oregon on Friday, Mt. St. Helens on Saturday. Wow!

I have posted pix of both on Facebook and hope you will check them out. Also I have added a new Lexi's House image and some NOT BIGFOOT photos that should be funny.

I know, I have a little bit of a Bigfoot obsession but bear with me. Truly, don't discount the possibility without the proper knowledge. I am super skeptical and believe in nothing. UFO's, alien abduction, faries, ESP, religion, all bullshit. But Bigfoot might be real. No definite proof yet but if you want to argue or tell me I am silly you must have an open mind and read Professor Grover Krant's book 'Bigfoot Sasquatch Evidence', or at least the chapters on the Patterson-Gimlin film and footprint cast evidence.

Anyway, you could also just check out the pix and drop me a line saying hi.


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