Monday, April 5, 2010

How Is Oliver The Great Pyrenees Dog?

You may remember that we rescued Oliver from dire circumstances, near death even. The Vet said he had the single worst case of worms he had ever seen. Worse, he had contracted distemper.

Every friend we had tried to brace us for the fact that he would not make it. Distemper would kill him. We chose good medicine, lots of love, and a positive attitude.

Oliver pulled through it but without any significant teeth. Seems to be a side effect. Beats death.

He has a great attitude, is an attractive people loving dog, and with no teeth he can ply rough with no possibility of an accidental nip.

Check out the video of him getting weird playing bite Alan's hand!

P.S. - That's poor, jealous, and doesn't play well with others Trixi barking in the background. We love her too!

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