Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Photo Presentation System - Check It Out!

I've been looking for a better and less time consuming method to host and present photos to you all. After all, pictures make the site much more interesting.

I am trying out a new system hosting the images at Smug Mug and hope you will give it a look.

There are currently two galleries on the site and MUCH MORE to come. I have included a collection of images from the Art Car Parade from last May in Houston, TX, and also some interesting shots of our visit to the famous Beer Can House in Houston. This man actually spent years covering his entire house with the old cans he had left after an evening of knocking back a few!

Click the link above in the link bar that says 'Photographs' and it will take you to the galleries.
There are many cool things you can do, different ways and sizes to view the images. I shall be adding MANY images of the 14,000 mile Western USA road trip in the coming days!


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