Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I know, don't say it, I have heard it all.

I am officially a sceptic on almost everything. I make Doubting Thomas look faithful. UFO's are airplanes or window reflections, or clouds or lies. ESP and talking to dead relatives are crap.

Nontheless, there may be a large bipedal ape in the wild, undiscovered. Probably not, but possibly so. Without spending all night explaining my open mind please rad "Bigfoot Sasquatch" by Grover Krantz, a balanced and critical look at the best evidence. Not proof, evidence.

Anyway, I spent the last few days in the mountains of Northern Californis searching for the elusive Sasquatch. Ever elusive. Invisible. I did meet people who claim to have seen him, stayed in campgrounds where he has been seen.

In a region stretching from Eureka, CA to Willow Creek, north to Hapy Camp and westward to Crescent City, a huge number of sightings have occured. It's an area about 30-40 miles wide, a hundred high. Few roads cross the interior. I drove many of those roads hoping for a glimpse, at the same time maybe hoping not. Why?

Those woods are damn scary! Sasquatchy!

I'm not the scared type. But something weird is going on out there it seems. Maybe people are just scared. There are bear, mountain lions, pot farmers with itchy trigger fingers, drunk Indians (literally and seriously), and rural rednecks. But CO and central CA and Utah all have those things and seem to have more tourists.

I drove 25 miles into the Bluff Creek Road area, the heart of Bigfoot country, in the afternoon. and 25 miles back out. I passed 4 cars. The Klamath Riber is gorgeous, with rapids, fish, camping opportunities. I saw no rafters, kayakers. In three days and miles of river maybe 2-3 fishermen. Every few miles there is a National Forest Campground with a "host", a permanant RV camper. Virtually every campground is empty. Try to get a spot in Colorado late in the afternoon and you are out of luck.

Today before I left I took a final drive up Bluff Creek Road. As soon as I turned onto the road the trees grew thick, shadows long, it was darker. I passed no cars, None. Often the roadside was a drop of hundreds of feet, you look out at the treetops. It was six in the afternoon but darkness was coming up here. What if you saw Bigfoot? Speed by him? Stop for photos? Back up, on that perilous road?

After five miles I turned back and as soon as I entered the main road afternoon returned. I hear some of you snickering, giggling. I, a 45 year old man nervous on a road in the woods. Until you visit the area hold your opinion. I defy you to drive the lonely roads to Bluff Creek.

Anyway, it is creepy. I saw nothing. I shall return.

At the campground I walked away from the campfire, lay in the grass. Soon my vision adapted and more stars than I have ever seen appeared. Like a million diamonds on black velvet. The dozen you see in Houston were huge fireballs, others Houston shall never see appeared. A wispy cloud crossed the sky, the billions of stars of the Milky Way Galaxy, so numerous and far away they appear as a mist. Occasionally a meteor flamed across the black.

Here I had an experience I cannot explain. Remember I do not believe in aliens, flying saucers, lost time, alien abductions. Maybe they are all real, but I don't subscribe. I did not see any of the aove but as I lay in the grass one of the stars caught my attention as it moved across the sky. Faster perhaps than a jet but slow compred to a shooting star. Steady, deliberate, the star moved inches across my field of view. It was too fast to be a plane it seemed, so it must have been a satellite. On dark nights they reflect the sun and are visbile. They move fast, faster than a juet of course.

But then the light turned about 45 degrees.

No arc, no slow curve like a plane, no decrease in speed. Just a steady, quick left, left, left, trun 45 degrees with no slowing sudden turn. A second later it vanished.

Weird. Sceptic in me says it was an optical illusion, maybe two faint lights, satellites?, happening by at the same time. Eyes lost one, picked up the other. Some sort of wierdness in my human eye. Surely so, but still wierd.

I would rather have seen Bigfoot!

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Scope August 26, 2009 at 10:19 PM  

If I were to see Bigfoot while driving down the road, I would have to go to the junk yard teh next day, and get a new front seat for my car, because I don't think those stains would EVER come out.

Alan August 28, 2009 at 9:39 PM  

Me too. Guess we could sue Bigfoot for new upholstery.

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