Thursday, August 6, 2009

Royal Gorge. 1,053 Foot High Suspension Bridge.

Say Goodbye To The Ground, Say Hello To The Sky

The title above is the billboard motto of the Roayl Gorge Bridge, but at 1,053 feet above the river it might be better if it read 'Say Hello To Dizzy Spells'.
We visited right about closing in the evening as the sun set on the canyon wall horizon. Most tourists had already drifted back to hotel and restaurant and we pretty much had the entire site to ourselves.
You not only can walk across, you can drive across. The roadbed seems to be 3 inch thick boards on metal I-beams. Seeing the river through the cracks as you walk is definitely disconcerting.
Lexi did not enjoy the swaying sensation or height but wanted to ride the bungee cord contraption that throws you out over the canyon. Go figure.
The funniest thing that has happened so far was when I took a shortcut off of I-70 to Empire, CO. The graqvel roadbed was like a washpan and as we drove we hit a major series of ruts. We all looked up just in time to see one of the Scion's hubcaps roll away faster than the car. I slowed to retrieve the hubcap but an oncoming car, having no place to swerve or turn, ran over the hubcap and it exploded into dozens of pieces. Our jaws hung slack, waiting for the other car to stop. Instead he sped off in a cloud of dust and we burst into laughter.
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