Tuesday, August 25, 2009

San Francisco, The Goodbye Girls, And The World's Most Advanced Toilet.

In tha last week we have traveled across California through Death Valley, Yosimite, and onward to San Francisco. The city lived up to it's reputation and we did many of the requsite tourist things as you can see in the pictures on Facebook, but the most fun we had was just driving around the city. Unique architecture, diverse neighborhoods, a million restaurants and odd shops, and the people seem very nice, polite even. SSeveral days driving in a confusing city and no people cutting me off or flipping the finger. Nice.
One highlight for Deanna was at the Coit Tower, what she claimed was the "World's Most Advanced Toilet". Well now, that I have to try. The man in front of me entered, the door autonaticall and sllloooooowwwwly creeped to close. He sure seemed to make the most of ot because he took a full five minutes. Water ran, stopped, ran again. The sound of air rushing was followed by more water. Paper was dispensed, water ran. Finally the door creeped open and he departed. I entered. I pressed the start button. Right, I said the start button. Nothing. Press again. Nothing. The man returns to tell me I have to exit and allow the toilet to go through it's "cleaning cycle". What? I exit, door creeps closed, cycle seems to totally repeat and then the door opens allowing me in. Finally, I am in the World's Most Advanced Toilet.
I pee. That took 15 seconds. Then I waot 3-4 minutes and all sorts of water runs and air blows, toilet flushes, on and on. From the wall behind me water gushes out and through cracks, under my shoes, just under. Longer pants would make this the world's most likely to PISS YOU OFF toilet. Finally the door creeps open to alloow my escape. I probalby already have to pee again!
Deanna, your turn. Right after the cleaning cycle.
And then the girls went home, flying home from San Francisco. Leaving the airport I will confess the car was silent, heavy, sad. It sucked. Funny, Deanna called me a couple of days later and said that once she was home she didn't know what to do with the lack of activity, nothing planned to do.
Of course it is a mixed blessing. No conversation ll day. No arguments. No dining companions, I buy dinner for one rahter than three. The budget has breathed a HUGE sigh of relief.
Now, it's off to Willow Creek and Bigfoot Country.

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