Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Have A Sporting Goods Store In My Closet

Why The President Of REI Sporting Goods Is Smiling

1. Thermarest Sleeping Pad- a full 3/4" thick. Actually is very soft and will keep the ground moisture at bay.
2. Giro Helmet- Not expensive, it's just my head.
3. Rick Steves 'Europe Through The Back Door' Book- Great advice from a master light traveler.
4. Scary, Crazy stack of receipts!
5. Magellan Pants- The crazy zip into two pieces type. Not modern biking garb,I know, so all day-glo spandex clad biking folks can shut yer holes.
6.- Super light and comfy tees.
7.- Magellan Shirts- Light color and weight, vented, super quick drying, high SPF rating.
8. REI Rain Jacket and Pants- Great quality at a fair price for millionaires everywhere.
9. Boxer Briefs- I know, TMI!
10. REI Long Underwear (These are designed to wick away moisture from your body and dollars from your wallet! For extra warmth make sure you wear a lightweight pair near your skin and a thicker set over that pair. Doubling you expenditure of course. Is this like that old thing about lather, rinse, repeat?)
11. Hypodermic Syringes- Just in case I need a shot in any of the countries of the world that believe rinsing a needle is good enough.
12. Moleskin- For tender foot parts. I pity the poor mole though.
13. Big Agnes Emerald Mountain Tent and Stakes.
14. Footprint to go under the tent. (A $55 super-thin tarp!)
15. Full gloves with fingers. (See last post!)
16. Katadyn Water Filter Bottle- Just dip it in a river, ditch, cesspool and squeeze out fresh, clean water! Removes 99.99% of Giardia, the 3 month have-the-poops bacteria! It's that .01% left over that has me worried though.
17. Insulated Water Bottle- I have three. The man said if you put ice and water in them it will stay cold for an hour. Kind of like any other cup, right? These were purchased with funds donated by three separate ladies and will be named after the ladies and tracked on the blog. Will all three make it around the world? We shall see.
(Since three ladies have contributed does that make me a ladies man? Probably not.)
18. One Pound, One Foot Tall Tripod.
19. Passport to the World. Literally.
20. Ortleib Panniers. The only ones that won't leak they say. We shall see. I still bought additional electronics protection.
21. Fancy Biking Socks.
22. Fancy Hiking Socks.
23. REI Hiking Boots- I am not sure about these. Too heavy to tote around the world on a bike to use for a few days. Still mulling this one over.
24. White Gas Stove Fuel.
25. Little One Cup Coffe Device. Super cool!
26. MSR Stove- White gas here, kerosens around the world, hot coffee every morning.
27. Mess Kit- Pan, pot, cup, all in a tiny package. Aslo fork, knife, mini-spatula.
28. Fuel Bottle for Stove.
29. Headlight- Four tiny LED lights can illuminate a campsite, signal for help. annoy my daughter Lexi from 20 feet away.
30. Candle Lantern. Romantic.
31. Waterproof Dry Bags- For the laptop and sleeping bag. Oops, I need one more for the tent!
32. Brass Bell- Man it is loud. It's the law in some countries. Every time I ring it Oliver the dog barks.
33. Electrical Adapter Plugs- Five different ones should cover the world.
34. Cycle Computer- How fast and how far did I ride? What, that's it! This darn thing must be broken.

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Aracely July 20, 2009 at 2:42 PM  

I love the picture with the numbers, very clever. We are still putting our packing list together. It was helpful to take a look at yours for ideas. Thanks.

Alan July 20, 2009 at 8:16 PM  

Aracely - It was a little haphazard and shaky but kind of homey I thought. Microsoft Paint, quick and easy. Feel free to borrow away ideas, it's where I get most of mine, lol!
P.S.- I actually think your blog is super sharp looking!

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