Friday, July 31, 2009

Road Trip! Houston, TX to San Antonio, TX!

Road Trip Around The USA - Day One

Lexi, Deanna, and Alan roll out of Houston headed west.
The Scion is packed to the gills with clothes, tent, food, bazookas, space suits, etc.

We did get a Garmin GPS and from the first day it has been a super cool addition to any trip, calmly and cooly giving directions without once saying I won't ask because I am a man.
My new girlfriend, she will be coming on the bike with me too.

Bye-bye Katy, TX. This is a bedroom community on the west side, out of H-Town.
The road quickly thins out into miles of caws, woods, and speeding tractor trailer trucks.

Interesting display of 'Tiny Texas Houses;, though my pic says 'Texas Uses'. WWell, some Texans do I am sure. These little houses were in a magazine I saw, some as small as 96 square feet! One guy even tows his to friends backyards and then moves every few months.

Downtown San Antonio. We arrived late in the day and were immediately impressed by the architecture, small town charm, the Riverwalk with it's ambience and restaurants. We were not so impressed by the apathetic waitress and error filled menu at Rainforest Cafe' or the termite like bugs on the wall of the Motel 6! (Yes, we are splurging!)
I shall soon post a better and larger shot of this image on the photographs page.

Deanna and Lexi on the Riverwalk, San Antonio, TX.
We had a great night anyway, bad waitress and bugs and all, and looking forward to the coming weeks.
Honestly this happend on Wednesday and I am sitting in a motel typing this on Thursday evening, actually Friday morn at 2 AM!!! Plenty of pix and stuff from today I will have to post in the morn when I awaken. We went to two attractions in S.A. and through some incredible scenery and torrential rain.
Safe and sound, see you soon.

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